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My current offerings include: Individual Yoga Sessions, Eye Gazing, Yoga Nidra, and Hypnosis.


My work is all about healing connection: healing our connection to our bodies, spirits, souls, self, and others. I hope that when you work with me, you also experience a healing connection.


We make payments on houses and cars, viewing them as valuable investments. This, however, is a lifelong investment into your most precious possession: your body. 

I am so so excited to meet you and work alongside your precious, wild, free body. 


619 Rober St,

Fort Atkinson, WI 53538


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About my Yoga Journey

December 26, 2020, I had a mental breakdown, yet it was in those moments that my life finally began. I remember meeting my therapist for the first time and having a deep knowing that she was the right fit for me. Ever since then, that deep knowing has been cultivated and honored, growing stronger every single day. I believe every single person has their own individual deep healing inner knowing that guides them towards their highest good. My work honors this knowing. 

When I read The Body Keeps the Score, I noted how the author mentioned that yoga is one of the most healing practices for trauma. At that time, I was working through cPTSD, early childhood trauma, and a decade plus of traumas added on. I knew that yoga was my next step.

I combined my personal yoga practice with my therapy work which has included Internal Family Systems work (IFS), Brainspotting, Somatic Experiencing, and TRE. I bring this to the mat and utilize yoga to move all stuck, frozen, or flighty parts through my body. 

My personal practice is always growing and changing as I become more in tune with my body. I honor the traditional roots of yoga while moving in a way that is divinely sovereign. This means that I follow my body more than I follow any given instructor.


Intuitive movement in the present moment is far more important to me than mastering any asanas or even being physically fit. Dancing and free flowing sometimes feels more appropriate than the masculine centered approach of stillness in a yoga practice.


The main thing is following your own body. That is the highest offering I give to you: the ability to sit with another person who is simply allowing you the space to fully listen, tune into, and follow your own body. 


As of late, I've been following my greatest curiosity which is eye gazing. Ever since I was four years old, I was perplexed by my nightmares. As an adult, I've been searching for the memories of abuse that I couldn't remember. Bodywork gave me access to all that I needed to know, and eye gazing uncovered the greatest secrets of my life in ways that my thinking-brain will never be able to grasp (and that is totally okay!)

Eye gazing is healing my attachment style, and I believe that eye gazing holds tremendous spiritual and somatic power if we allow ourselves to let go and follow our body in the presence of a resonating witness.


My own personal experience with eye gazing, brainspotting, and bodywork all mixed together in one gorgeous concoction gives me the ability to meet you with these offerings. Because of the work I am doing in my own life, I deeply look forward to working with you and listening to your body's deep knowing and personal direction. 

Yoga literally translated means "to yolk" or "to unite". My personal yoga journey became an inexpressible anchor into my self, my body, my spirit, my soul, and my relational connection with others. Now I want to help you as you develop your own personal journey into healing connection with body, self, spirit, soul, and others. 


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