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Hello! My name is Hannah Anastasia Ruth (or HAR). Thanks for visiting my page. I really appreciate your presence and attention. I am an artist, photographer, and healer. Here's a quick look at my services. Don't hesitate to reach out. We will find the best fit for you. 


Oh Hello! I tell stories. The stories that are most important to us. The ones we almost miss. The ones we forget to see. And the mundane moments that we get to knight as beautiful even if instagram never does. I’m a bit of a wallflower, and we will work great together if you like a more quiet and intuitive approach to photography. Check out my magazines. They’re cool.


Product and Editorial Photography

I graduated from Madison Technical College with a degree in Commercial Photography. I run a studio in the Madison Area, and enjoy more than anything playing with light and making something shine. Contact me for product and editorial photography inquiries. 


Yoga Teacher & Body Spirit Earth Healer

I am a healer in the Madison area reconnecting people to their bodies and inner knowing. I guide you through scientific nervous system language,  through yoga, bodywork, meditations, dreamwork, dance, toning, somatic experiencing, titrating, eye movements, intuition, and spirit journeys. 



My healing gifts to the world include art. I am an artist and write poetry, create stories, imagery, and magazines that potently shatter paradigms and "reword the world". My work is a radical permission to unfurl and get yo'self free. 

Banana Leaves

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