Art Stories

Very simply,


I want to share with you what I see.


When the kids all played in the streets, speaking in Spanish, racing bicycles, adults sharing gossip and Carne Asada, I wanted to feel what was foreign to me. There in the little blue home of my husband and my first two years of marriage, I looked with longing. Then, when my teacher asked me what I was most afraid of, I knew what my project would be: coming to know and see what had only been experienced from our little office window.

Now: in photographs titled American Home.


More importantly, I felt in my heart what it was when the camera was dormant on the living room couch and I stood in an assembly line with a family rolling out tamales and learning from skilled hands how much, how little, how to. Life, love, laughter happens all on it’s own. You just have to show up for it.


So, in my art stories, I am an expressionist trying to capture what I feel in this present moment. I’m not so interested in making things up for social media or catering to society’s whims and fads. Those are fine, but I like what is tumbling out of time and space in the here and now without my meddling. I suppose you could say, I’m a bit of a wallflower trying to capture all that life I see, happening in explosions of light in milliseconds right in front of me.


In addition to my own documentary work, I create family documentary photographs and would love to spend a day with your family expressing what I see and feel as I flow with you on your intoxicatingly wonderful “Ordinary Day”.



American Home is a series of documentary photographs that follows the people living in a Midwestern mobile home park. A limited number of photographs are listed on this website; the full series will be included in the book which will be available soon. 


This is a short series of family documentary photographs centered on a mother and her son during blue hour in the garden. This is the place they spend their time maintaining, exploring, nurturing, and growing plants and curiosity.