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Documentary & Art Stories


Welcome to my page "Art Stories". It is in revealing the stories that are already happening in gloriously ordinary moments that I find the most treasure-full meaning and curiosity. 

American Home is a documentary project. Each photograph captures time, place, and people as it is happening before my eyes. I hope the photographs surprise you and challenge you as much as they did me in that moment of capture. 

Mother, Son, and Garden is a project close to my heart as it displays the kind of work that I could see myself creating in the future- completely unposed and in-the-moment following what "is". 

My Life is a series of photographs without anything tying it together yet. Each is a moment from my life that carries with it a certain feeling. Maybe someday something will develop out of it. 

Thanks for being here. Thanks for looking. Thanks for seeing. 

Pure Love, 

Hannah Anastasia Ruth



American Home is the work I am most proud of, so, I'm SO glad you're here. This is the mobile home park I lived in for the first two years of our marriage, and it wasn't until I left and my teacher asked me what project scared me the most that I returned to create this work and find myself richly connected to the community which felt so out of reach all those years. 


This is a short series of family documentary photographs centered on a mother and her son during blue hour in the garden. This is the place they spend their time maintaining, exploring, nurturing, and growing plants and curiosity. 



These are excerpts of my life. From them, there may arise the bones of a good book; however, each one is the flicker of light illuminating some part of my life without any golden thread to tie them all together yet. 

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