Your Sisters and Brothers are Crying Out. Will You Listen?

I am without words, lamenting. So I share my heart through photographs. May you see the faces of those who cry out for you to care. I leave you with one last thing: a journal entry because I have no other words and will not mince them. "The silent ongoing suffering makes my head throb. My heart and throat burn. My hands and feet ache to help.

How can the words "Black Lives Matter" fill you with so much rage that not only will you not say the words, you refuse to LISTEN to the people saying them???

You hide behind the fear of what BLM organization stands for, so afraid to give up your moral high ground that you fail to lament with those who lament.

Weep with those who weep. Listen to the pain.

You degrade individual human beings by shooting down the very phrase meant to appreciate, celebrate, honor THEIR VERY EXISTENCE.

Your moral standing is nothing without love, and your failure to listen and lament with those who weep is the antithesis of love.

What you seek to defend, you have already lost. Black Lives Matter, Love Always, Hannah A. R."

#blacklivesmatter #madisonwi #statestreet #statestprotest #blm

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