The Most Important Art Museum of Your Time

Allow me to begin with a message from Downtown Madison: "Good morning! We appreciate all your love of the Art Healing State Street Project but we have a few things to share. Please be respectful of our artists. These are professionals we have commissioned.

1 - Do not come downtown to paint without approval of the program coordinator. To get approval email 2 - This program was designed to give working artists a commission, a showcase AND a payment during the COVID crisis. 3 - We are actively recruiting artists of color. 4 - Don’t come down to paint but DO come down to watch and to learn. 5- We are asking artists to deliver messages that are authentic to their experiences. 6 - Do NOT contact property owners directly. Imagine the chaos of their lives. We have them registered in a database if they want art. 7 - Not all the property owners want or can have art. So again DO NOT paint without permission from the program coordinator.

Thank you for reading, for learning and supporting the artists in Madison."

If you've not yet visited State Street, you're missing out on the most important art gallery of our time period.

Words cannot express the emotion that these paintings emit. "See"

The paintings invite you to see something that has been trampled underfoot for centuries. Look closely. Meditate. The art is saying something. Will you listen?

Several people stop to consider an exhibition of an ATM ripped apart and monopoly money pouring out.

I've never seen such a representation of black art and culture. It is so different from what I am used to. It is full of passion, color, pain, love, joy, vibrancy. My heart broke when I thought of the day that it would all have to come down because it truly is an art museum that we have never seen in our culture, celebrating that which has been stamped down for as long as history can remember.

I never want it to come down. I want what is on State Street to continue, not as a square of fabric on a quilt in society, rather, for it to become the very fibers that weave through the fabric of our culture and society. Imagining it all coming down is symbolic of what people are so afraid of...for everything to return to it's status quo. no change. business as usual. To be forgotten again. Trampled under again. Misrepresented again. destroyed again. Killed again.

#blacklivesmatter #statestreet #madisonwi #madisoncapitol

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