Bodywork is Anti-Capitalism Work

I'm not interested in economics.

But I do know that one reason Karl Marx wrote the communist manifesto was because he saw children's bodies being used in factories for profit.

I do know that, in the symbolic realm, the body is considered feminine while the mind is considered masculine.

I know how my body recoils at hearing even that definition because THAT'S just how deeply I internalize society's disconnect and disregard for the body and all things feminine.

I have prioritized that masculine, the mind. So did Karl Marx. So do corporations. So does Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, whats-his-face-oh-yeah Elon Musk.

Elon Musk wants to, you know, save humanity. Or something like them evolve?

But the pursuit of the mind is the furthest thing from our future well-being and expansion.

Reconnecting with the feminine, the body...that which we have betrayed for centuries on end in favor of brute force, no-pain-no-gain, just-do-it, mind-over-matter, "higher" education, political debates, wars-to-end-all-wars, etc is the key to our expansion, growth, and peace.

Now, and ever since the industrial revolution, we fight against machines. Trying to prove our worth. Earn our rights to be human. Soon...artificial intelligence.

Your ego is steeped like a tea bag in the most atrocious capitalism anti-body programming that you can possibly imagine. And your conscious mind wants to tell you that it's not that bad. But it is.

You really believe that your worth is tied to your work (guilty)

To your follower count (guilty)

To your paycheck (oh hello manifestation community, oh, and GUILTY)

To your hours put in (guilty)

To your skillset (aka...being an artist is unworthy because only STEM fields can make a living....guilty)

To your goals and completion thereof (guilty)

Do you want to hear about one of the most bad*ss things I've ever done? Okay, no one asked but I'm going to tell you.

I saw my repeating patterns of work then burn out.

And I quit everything for about two years.

In part, so that I could face my own internalized capitalism.

I was surprised to find that it was like...pounding nails into my eye sockets. Ripping my hair out. Begging to murder me on the alter of workaholism even if it was in exchange for a borderline-abusive-minumum-wage-job.

Our bodies want capitalism like a disease. Our egos believe all our worth is tied to our work. And capitalism is HUNGRY for self-sacrificing, numb, subjected bodies.

The programming is everywhere. They keep us hooked with hypnotic advertising that ensures our numbed out, enslaved consumerism. (We need all-the-things in order to give our bodies the feelings that we cannot access for ourselves).

So, back to my bad*ssery: I quit everything, went to therapy, and coined it, "my radical healing journey".

I moved my body through about a year long withdrawal period and learned JUST how addicted my body had been to it (due also, in part, to the flight trauma response I was... *am* working through).

In the process, I met the ancestral woundedness of all the places where my family had perpetrated the myth of worthiness based on work. I found that they were all children. So many with attachment wounds.

I discovered, at the end of it all, the true human need for meaningful purpose and full self expression through BEING.

The greatest insight of all:

The systems that be are petrified, terrified, horrified, THREATENED, and shaken to the core when even one person begins to radically embrace, listen, and follow their body ABOVE ALL ELSE.

Following your body threatens every system of power.

Following your body ensures that bodies will always be more valuable than the output we gain from them. Bodies will always be more valuable than the machines we create.

Following your body shatters through your consciousness, subconsciousness, and unconsciousness so much so that it would be IMPOSSIBLE to ignore the way that society is treating the bodies of children.

Following your body is the boundary that defines what you are willing to allow others to consume of you. In this way, you no longer become a willing tenet farmer of capitalism.

Following your body ends mass consumerism. You get high on your own supply, as it were. You are capable of staying with yourself. Of just being. You're no longer reliant on consumption of objects to conjure up the feelings that you are seeking or avoiding.

Following your body frees you up. You're no longer addicted to burning yourself out for somebody who is profiting off of your pain. You get to define the terms of your life instead of clocking in clocking out clocking in clocking out until you die and realize that you never lived your own life.

Following your body means putting value on other bodies based solely on the fact that they exist as bodies. Art suddenly becomes treasure-full. You no longer need to measure and weight somebody's worth based on, "what do you do for work?"

Systems crumble without the slaves that keep it's power in place.

Bodywork is the sweetest, kindest, most feminine revolution. It's the return to earth. To home. To self.

It is breath.

It is orgasm.

It is laughter and play.

It is feet sunken into beach sand.

It is barefoot on a forest trail.

It is children's art hung on the most prestigious walls of all- home.

It is remembrance.

It is fierceness.

It is fiery passion.

It is woodworking hobbies.

It is listening to Woody Allen on a drive.

It is feeling.

It is honoring.

It is all-seeing.

It is the knowing in the bones.

It is the conduit and temple for all spiritual happenings.

It is terrifying.

I cannot say that enough.

The body. Is terrifying. To the systems that be.

The temple of god they must desecrate before we realize who we really were.

Divinely inspired.

They cannot have the feminine be honored.

They must keep us believing that the mind is the god. And the body is a trinket to be subdued, ignored, divorced, submitted, subjected, and used.

But those of us who have begun the work


It is untrue. That what they'd have us believe about our bodies and our worth is meant to keep us enslaved to their whims.

You are free.

Your body is the testimony.

It's going to be hell. Why? Because your ego believes every word they say. You were programmed by generations of pain and woundedness and need and hunger and want to believe that your value is tied to the mind, to forcefulness, to self abandonment, to work, to clocking in clocking out, to consumption, to hierarchies, to appearances.

It will be the hardest work you ever do.

Choosing the body.

When you choose the body, you choose your children's bodies and their children's bodies. You choose the bodies of the people around you.

Not only that, you have found what Elon musk and Karl Marx were actually looking for. It's hidden in plain sight. You've got to let go of your mind for a second.

Because the power, the expansion, the peace, the grace, the love, the future, the wholeness, the universe is all hidden in

your body.

* d i s c l a i m er *

I am currently a childless white woman with so much ridiculous insane immense privilege that I was able to quit everything AND pay for monthly therapy while my partner provided for my every need (and whim) with his STEM field job.

This is not about the moralism of removing yourself from the capitalist system. It is about the fact that when I had the chance to find myself apart from that system, it became one of the most difficult odysseys I have ever traveled.

Most of us secretly want to remain pawns in the system we are addicted to and dependent on.

Most people will likely not have the privilege to go to that extreme in order to find themselves apart from it. Most of us have to take baby steps every day (because there are still mouths to feed).

Every baby-step towards following the wisdom of your own body, meeting your body's authentic needs, and ending addictions that only bring harm to your being IS the revolution.

You don't have to remove yourself to recognize that there may be an addiction to a system at play.

You don't have to remove yourself in order to find yourself apart from it.

You only have to tune in. Realize that your ego conscious mind will feed you lies to keep you hooked. And determine with absolute resolve that your body actually does come first.

Allow the war between your ego and your higher self to unfold with grace.

Post Script: I have tasted the fire of poverty on a long term basis. I know hunger. I know severe lack and homelessness. I know 60-70 hour work weeks to survive in exchange for spare change.

If I could go back and talk to that girl, I'd say, "pitch a tent and find yourself. You don't need to blow your body to pieces to pay rent at a place you can't even experience sleep in because the minute you lie down, you're up again for work. Capitalism is traumatizing you in ways that will stay in your body for the next decade even when you are secure and privileged. Trust me when I say, being homeless and securely attached to your body is worth SO SO SO much more than the "approval" of society."