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 If you're visiting this page, chances are you are thinking about working with me. In that case, welcome to my portfolio! Each of these images come with rich stories, feelings, and experiences. I would describe my working style as connected, soulfully curious, focused, and exploratory. If you want to work hire me, don't hesitate to reach out. I'd love to hear from you.   


Photographing the essence of what I see shining from a person in this present moment is a joy unparalleled. If it were possible to photograph portraits all day every day, you just might catch me doing it. 


Because of a serendipitous meeting, I recently got connected with the local ecology group in my community. From that bloomed the opportunity to volunteer restoring prairies with Parks and Rec and photographing their current happenings. Photographing what I see in the world is one of my greatest passions and privileges. 


I journey through the mobile home park where I spent the first two years of my marriage, finally getting to know the stories of the people who live here. 


My favorite thing to do is be a wallflower and capture your life as it is happening right now. Without any extra fluff, fanfare, or posing. Just who you are and what this is in this very moment. Heirlooms for lifetimes.


*Note: the image above is my emulation of Rob Grimm's original work.


Fort Atkinson, WI


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